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Our project was born at the beginning of 2020, when a global pandemic forced almost all of humanity to stay at home. Many people have lost the opportunity to work, communicate, have fun and play sports. For those who consider the last point to be the most important in their lifestyle, we have found a way out - an online sports video training platform.

Home delivery has become one of the main trends of the last 2 years, while the world was suffering from a common disease. Anything can be ordered at home. You can even invite a virtual trainer to your home with us! And believe me, it will be not much different from the combat conditions in a real fitness club. Until now, a large proportion of education is online, so why not create a sports education environment there?

If you decide to try sports with us, you will get more than a coach. Your arsenal of sports exercises for improving the body will grow at times, confidence in your own knowledge will grow stronger. Your skills will reach a professional level, excluding stagnation and injury training.

Choose what suits you best based on your ambitions and sports experience. Individual workout videos are intended more for beginners. The sets of video exercises will appeal to professionals, because each video describes in detail all the little things and nuances of the technique of performing exercises. Our authors are real professionals of the master of sports level, so you can rest assured for your fast and reliable progress!

What do you get by buying some of our products?

VIDEO TRAININGS. These are training videos lasting 10-15 minutes, where you will see exercises performed by professionals with an emphasis on all the details and subtleties of the technique. the video is shot from a variety of angles so that the viewer can understand the whole process in detail. We have a multinational team, but all videos are voiced in English. Soon we will offer the option of multilingual titles for those who do not speak English.

VIDEO PACKAGES. The benefit when buying video packages is huge, you will spend two or more times less than when buying single clips. Usually, for a monthly training plan of an average trained athlete, 25-30 exercise options are needed. Contact our consultants through the contact form below and they will select the optimal package of exercises for you.

PERSONAL ONLINE TRAINING. A real professional coach will work with you, whom we will choose with you taking into account your interests and goals. If you want to build muscle mass, improve muscle relief, improve body functionality or flexibility - any of your goals will be achieved quickly and safely under the online supervision of highly qualified specialists. Trainings are held in the format of a video conference using a device convenient for you and special software.

ONLINE NUTRITION CONSULTATIONS. Your eating style, daily routine, rest regime, diet of sports supplements seriously affect the quality and duration of achieving your sports goals. Do not neglect the advice of our nutrition specialists, who will be able to develop an optimal nutrition plan for you and create ideal conditions for progress in sports and body improvement.

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